Massage Therapy Rates

single session rates

About regular bodywork:

The preventive health benefits of massage are best seen and felt when massage is an on-going part of your self-care regimen.

Clients often ask “How frequently should I be getting massages?” and the answer is always as regularly as possible! Monthly is good, bi-weekly is great, and weekly is ideal. When you receive massage infrequently (for example a few times or year or less), more of your time on the table is spent addressing the tension and damage that has accumulated in the time between sessions rather than reaching the deeper layers of tissue, addressing structural dysfunction, or releasing chronic holding patterns.

I encourage clients to commit to their health and transformation by booking regularly and/or purchasing packages of multiple sessions. An investment in the self is always a wise one!

Plus, package pricing lets you save on each session!

Single Session Rate 3 Session Package Save 7% 5 Session Package Save 10% 10 Session Package Save 15%
30 minute session$45.00$125.55$202.50$382.50
60 minute session$80.00$223.20$360$680
75 minute session$95.00$265.05$427.50$807.50
90 minute session$110.00$306.90$495$935
120 minute session$140.00$390.60$630$1,190
Book a Session Purchase 3 Purchase 5 Purchase 10

Package rates may not be combined with other discount offers. All sessions must be used within 12 months of purchase date.


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