Root To Rise!

The three most popular practices of the ancient tradition of yoga involve body postures (asana), exercising the breath (pranayama), and meditation on one’s true self (dhyana). Yogic approaches to the body and life believe that a stable foundation naturally yields the experience of rising lightness and flexibility. As such, VastRoot specializes in introducing this divine science to beginners in order to foster healthy being that starts at the roots of the self.

Many yoga students, particularly newcomers, feel lost, overwhelmed or intimidated in group classes where the focus on is often on physical performance, extreme flexibility, and showmanship. Moreover, the philosophical foundations of yoga are usually neglected in these environments

In truth, yoga is a highly individualistic discipline and group practice often dampens our ability to hear what it is our bodies are telling us as we involuntarily compare our performance to others. VastRoot’s private instruction allows perfectly for the building of a solid internal platform, the cultivation of proper awareness to your unique self, and devoted instruction that takes into account your individual physical needs and goals.

VastRoot specializes in an alignment-based, slow-flow Vinyasa style of asana practice that trains you to honor your body in your quest to elevate yourself physically and spiritually. Cat’s advanced knowledge of anatomy will teach you to align your body properly in postures and build your practice safely. And her love of meditation and sensitivity to its challenges sensitively guides newcomers interested in learning how meditation practice can propel their lives to new heights.

Private yoga sessions mix the attentiveness of personal training with the serenity of yoga.

Also available for hire to lead private groups.